Maggie D. Brace

Maggie D. Brace is a long-time denizen of Maryland, teacher, gardener, basketball player and author. She attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland and Loyola University, Maryland.  She has written ‘Tis Himself: The Tale of Finn MacCool and Grammy’s Glasses, and has both tied with Anne Tyler in the Baltimore Sun Paper Reader’s Choice for best local writer as well as lost out to John Waters. As heady as this sounds, she remains a humble scrivener and avid reader presently aging gracefully in situ.

What’s your background, what compelled you to start writing?

I was an avid reader, but didn’t start writing until 8th grade.   Thanks goes to Sister Patricia who gave me the best positive feedback possible by saying she always enjoyed reading my work.

What book from your childhood do you remember the best?

I read and reread S E Hinton’s The Outsiders, I was intrigued by how vastly different the families and circumstances of the story were from my own experiences in life. At the time I had no idea the author had written this work while still in high school!

What’s your most favourite under-appreciated novel?

I love The Sword in the Stone by T. H. White. I’ve always envied the technique Merlin used to expose young King Arthur to life.  Who wouldn’t want to get to fly like a bird or swim like a fish?

What’s your writing Kryptonite?

I love writing, but I remain basically a very shy person, so putting my work out there, talking in front of groups, and promoting myself are definitely the hardest part of being an author for me.

If writing is not a full-time job, what do you do?

I’m a grade school teacher and my students have inspired me in many different ways.  I love to get their feedback, and I’m always surprised at their insights.  It’s humbling to realize something I’ve written can be a springboard for others to think new thoughts or create something of their own.

What is a little-known fact about you?

I’ve been inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at my high school and college for basketball (and various other sports), and have enjoyed playing for over 50 years.

Were you an avid reader while you were growing up?

I’ve always loved to read and have memories of well-intentioned librarians trying to lead me back toward the children’s section after I strayed too far afield following my appetite for MORE BOOKS!

The Darker Side of Faeries By Maggie D. Brace