Dawn Burdett

Dawn Burdett is an award-winning Software Expert and Children’s Book Author on a mission to simplify the intricate world of coding and technology and make it not only fun, but accessible to the young. Above all, she is a firm believer of the future and the up-and-coming generation that will help shape it. This is what drives her to educate children through the power of storytelling.

Outside of writing, Dawn serves as the Chief Technical Officer at a prominent software development company. During her free time, she is a voracious reader and avid drummer. Writing and coding aside, her biggest loves, apart from her children and husband, are her furred/feathered children, a Golden Retriever (Alphee), a Labrador (Hunter), two cats (Floki and Ragnar), and three chickens (all named Gertie). Dawn currently calls Melbourne, Australia home.

To find out more about the author both personally and professionally, feel free to visit Dawn’s official website at www.dawnburdett.com

The Endangered Hippapotagoo By Dawn Burdett